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Japanese martial art and Olympic combat sport, established in Japan in the late nineteenth century by professor Jigoro Kano. Judo 柔 道 in Japanese means "gentle way" or "with easy".

From three Ju-Jitsu schools, and selecting the best techniques professor Kano founded judo, giving accent on "Do" instead of "Jitsu", the way of living instead of fighting! That was important point of view in the beginning of 20 century and modern ages!

Today traditional Ju-jitsu don't exist even in Japan, and changes imported by visionary Kano was important to save heritage of fighting and physical education. Judo is the first martial art made transition between traditional and modern, and every other traditional schools and hybrid martial arts are influenced by judo and vision of professor Kano. Even using belt rank system, or "gi" as fighting uniforms, or streaming to become a Olympic sport.


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